24 hrs notice when taking orders


Phone/text:  085 179 7365
Email:  kravelunchdeliveries@gmail.com


is a new locally owned business delivering healthy,tasty & nutritious lunches straight to your place of work.We also stock our lunches in various outlets.Please see our weekly menu for details.

Meal plans - Now available

Welcome to our Krave meal plans.We have designed our initial plan
With healthy eating and appetite control in mind.
This plan will make eating healthier so much easier!
You have the option of having your breakfast, lunch & dinner delivered straight to you.
As we know weekends are precious and we thought you might like to do your own thing!
So; we have decided to offer you our meal plans Monday-Friday
You can choose the following options from our menu
1.Breakfast, lunch & dinner plus 2 snacks €90 (paid online or COD)
2.Breakfast, lunch & dinner €80 (paid online or COD)
3.Lunch & dinner €60 (paid online or COD)
As all our meals are fresh you will receive 2 deliveries.The first on Sunday afternoon/evening with the second on Tuesday evening.You must ensure someone is there to receive your order and refrigerate it immediately.
All orders must be placed by the previous Friday before 2 pm.Orders
after this cut off point cannot be guaranteed.
Your choice of meals for your delivery days must also be included for eg xyz for Sunday delivery & xyz for Tuesday delivery.All orders must be emailed in we will have an order form available shortly to make ordering online a little easier!

Please pop us an email or call us if you have any other queries!



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