24 hrs notice when taking orders


Phone/text:  085 179 7365
Email:  kravelunchdeliveries@gmail.com


is a new locally owned business delivering healthy,tasty & nutritious lunches to workplaces & gyms in the Tralee/ Killarney area.

David who currently also runs a fresh food business is our chef @ Krave and responsible for producing our healthy tasty lunches!David is passionate about food and always strives to bring our customers the very best service possible.All our dishes are inspired by well known chef Mark Doe who we have worked closely with over the last number of months along with other professionals to bring you krave!

Kate is David's partner in crime and manages all the other aspects of Krave,along with delivering their nutritious tasty lunches to customers all around the Tralee area- and come September Killarney too!If you have any questions give Kate a buzz and she will be glad to help.

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